Peer Insight’s Communication Designer will be excited about design and design thinking, have strong communication skills, and be eager to collaborate. They will work closely with project managers, under the guidance of a Creative Director, to design user research stimulus, artifacts for working sessions and deliverables for consulting projects, as well as contribute to creating work products that support marketing and sales efforts.

Please note that we are looking for an initial contractor with potential for future full-time conversion. Peer Insight is an equal opportunity employer.

What you need to succeed wildly in this position (as we expect you will): 

  • 2-3 years experience working within a team
  • A bachelor’s degree in communication design, graphic design or related field
  • Comfort working in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Comfort working in Premiere and After Effects
  • Comfort using PowerPoint to create presentations
  • Ability to juggle multiple design projects, often within the same day
  • Comfortable working under tight deadlines
  • Plays well with others, can give and receive feedback seamlessly (strong collaborator)
  • Self-motivated problem solver
  • Can be visually scrappy, able to provide early drafts quickly

The strongest candidates will have a portfolio that shows:

  • You’re an inherent storyteller with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • You’re adept with layout and typography
  • You’re an experimenter with a wide breadth of work
  • Experience with motion graphics
  • Experience with print design
  • Experience with data visualization
  • Your design process (show us how you work)

Qualities that are not required but are a big plus:

  • Experience with storyboarding and/or sequential art
  • Experience with animation
  • Working knowledge of HTML + CSS, along with CMS experience in Squarespace, Wordpress, and Drupal

Peer Insight is located in Washington, DC. We merge the creativity of design thinking with the smarts of business strategy to guide companies towards sustainable growth. We partner with a range of visionary organizations, including Fortune 250 companies, non-profit organizations, public sector entities and education institutions. And we have a lot of fun doing it.

We strive to recruit a group of unique individuals, not a homogenous pack, but our team members tend to share and admire these traits:

  • Detail-oriented but not constrained
  • Positive but not unchallenging
  • Brave but not reckless
  • Scrappy but not sloppy
  • Naturally curious but not whimsical
  • Confident but not conceited
  • Flexible but not lacking point-of-view
  • Creative but not decorative

Are you interested? Let us know! Send a resume, portfolio, cover letter, and a link to your blog (if you have one) to