New Year's Resolution: Resource Allocation for your Personal Life

 Photo by Gavin Brogan

Photo by Gavin Brogan

If I asked, "Do you contemplate the purpose of your life?" Most of you would nod cautiously.Then, if I asked, "What is your daily resource allocation for focusing on your long-term life strategy?" I am guessing that I would probably get some blank stares. I felt the same way until reading Clayton Christensen's article "How Will you Measure Your Life" that appeared in the Harvard Business Review.

Here is an excerpt:

"[When people] have an extra half hour of time or an extra ounce of energy, they'll unconsciously allocate it to activities that yield the most tangible accomplishments. And our careers provide that evidence…you ship a product, finish a design, complete a presentation…In contrast, investing time and energy in your relationship with your spouse and children typically doesn't offer that same immediate sense of achievement."

The gist of the article is that there are many, many different things competing for your daily resources, and that you, ultimately, have to make the decision on where to spend your time. As I reflect on my past year at Peer Insight, I think about our firm's Guiding Principle #6: Express Gratitude. I am thankful for the relationships I have built at work and how our "Culture of Gratitude" has helped me think about the relationships in my life as a whole.

So, as you make your New Year's resolutions, think about the time you spend in a given day and reserve your best strategic thinking for your life's plan.

How have you applied strategic thinking to your personal life? Leave your comments below!