The New Future of Entrepreneurship

 Photo by Walt Hubis

Photo by Walt Hubis

I was startled by the numbers at Georgetown Entrepreneurship Day on November 9, 2012. Startled by the number of people. Startled by the number of women. Startled by the number of start-ups (based in DC!).

Giddy up, it’s time for the next generation. One where business education is not only inclusive of, but focuses a spotlight on, entrepreneurship. Jeff Reid, Director of Entrepreneurial Studies, has done a lot to widen the view of business education from corporate to start-up. However, Ann Sarnoff from BBC America reminded all of us attending Entrepreneurship day that scrappiness starts at home, and home can be a large company. Here are some pointers that those working at established organizations can embrace, like now:

#1 Be the Audience - Do things deliberately to remember what the customer is all about. "If you can't be a kid, try to think like one."

#2 Fire Yourself Often - When you start a job, your best ideas are in the beginning… try harder to look at things with fresh eyes.

#3 Be Scrappy - Pretend it's your own money when you're spending. You have to be lean and mean, and protect yourself.

What are your thoughts? Tell us about your experiences being entrepreneurial in a large company.