Praise for the Book Ten Types of Innovation

Two days ago I received an excited e-mail from a former colleague. Larry Keeley has a book out!” he buzzed.  I ordered my copy that day.

Anyone who’s been in the innovation space for more than an hour and a half knows Larry Keeley. If you’re lucky enough to have been his student or even just heard him speak, you know he’s both furiously bright and disarmingly practical. Larry gets it.

Those of us who know Larry personally also know what a generous collaborator he is.  I’m delighted he’s put some of his best thinking onto the printed page, where it can reach more people. 

Back in 1999, I was a startup CEO and Larry took us on as a client. An early version of the Ten Types of Innovation was coming into focus then. Larry and his team (I remember Ewan Duncan was our engagement lead) certainly influenced me to see the breadth of ways our software-as-a-service could create value. We innovated along at least six of the ten types. 

That business is still thriving today (profitable for the past nine years!) and I’m still incorporating the Ten Types of Innovation thinking into my own growth projects. 

Received know-how is a gift that keeps on giving. Thanks, Larry!  Have you received know-how from Larry Keeley, directly or indirectly? Share your story if you can.  And get a copy of his book.