Why Google Glass will be a BIG Deal for Service Innovation

 Photo by 55Laney69

Photo by 55Laney69

"Hold that pose. Let me grab my insert device name here and take a picture."

A familiar request from a timeless conversation. We've all uttered this line at one time or another, whether we were using a camera from the late 1800's or an iPhone from 2013. Google Glass is changing that conversation and that's a HUGE deal for service designers. 

When we design new service experiences, the key question we ask is "how do we make it 'user-friendly?'" That is, how can we make it as simple as possible for users and include the least number of steps? For many tech-centered user experiences, a typical flow of activities might go like this:

  1. Reach into your pocket or bag
  2. Take out an internet-connected device
  3. Press a few buttons
  4. Perform an action

Google Glass eliminates steps 1, 2 and 3 from the user's process and allows them to jump to #4 and engage in the activity (e.g. take a picture, send a message, etc.) seamlessly.

While, on the surface, this may not seem like a big deal, it unlocks HUGE possibilities for the development of user experiences. It allows users to engage in an experience in a whole new way —  without having to fuss with the physicality of a device.

  • What if? a senior citizen could instantly and effortlessly take a picture of their daily medicines to share with loved ones and increase medical compliance?
  • What if? a daily commuter could take short videos of their morning bus rides to easily document and share pain points in their journey with transportation authorities and close the gap of design and user feedback loops?

What are some of the products or services that will come as a result of this new platform? The possibilities are endless. But l'd love to hear your wildest thoughts.

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