The Vetrepreneurs Are Coming!


The Vetrepreneurs Are Coming!

This election cycle makes me worried for our republic. You too? Well, I guess that’s good. It means we both value our democracy. Given the vitriol of the past 100 (or is it 1000?) days, it helps to remember our republic has weathered 240 years of change. (C’mon, 241; we’re rooting for you.)

I’m the son of a veteran, the brother of two veterans, and a veteran myself. We veterans have done our part in holding the stitching of this country together.

After serving our country in overseas conflicts, a surprising number of today’s veterans are returning home and creating businesses. I’ve been privileged to coach a handful of them through a program sponsored by Capitol Post and Humble Ventures.

These vetrepreneurs have some experiences and attributes that give them a head start as founders.

  • They see opportunity (innovator)
  • They inspire others to join them (leader)
  • They take calculated risks (brave)
  • They are willing to work hard (tenacious)
  • They delegate effectively (collaborator)
  • They combine people and technology (implementer)
  • They know how to improvise (resourceful)
  • They are accustomed to mission change (able to pivot)

Sure, the vetrepreneur has some blind spots when it comes to business. Maybe they lack experience in business models and fundraising. They probably don’t have much of a private sector network. But these gaps are easy to overcome when you’ve got the qualities above.

If our republic is going to thrive in year 241 and beyond, we’re going to need economic patriots to step forward and create new businesses. A surprising number will come from a group that already knows about sacrifice and service – our military veterans.