The tools and templates in both of our books, Designing for Growth: A Design Thinking Tool Kit for Managers and The Designing for Growth Field Book were designed to assist growth and innovation teams in standing up new, human-centered businesses and services. These simple and approachable templates help demystify the design thinking process by providing a new lens to view and conquer the common project obstacles all managers face.

Below is a selection of some of our favorite design thinking and go-to-market tools from the books. Click below each tool to download a printable PDF.

Analogies/Thief and Doctor

Analogies are a natural way to see new possibilities. Analogies answer the question, "Where else do these conditions occur, and what has been done to solve them?" This tool can be used to facilitate a brainstorming session to identify analogies.

Download Analogies/Thief and Doctor >

Bring-Build-Buy Map

Forming concepts requires us to link the demand chain with a supply chain. To see new possibilities in the supply chain, it can be helpful to draw a map of the relevant capabilities and which firms might provide them. This tool helps you see these possibilities.

Download Bring-Build-Buy Map >

Design Brief

A well-constructed project process clarifies the scope of the project, its intent, the questions it hopes to explore, and the target group of stakeholders that it wants to explore them with. The Design Brief tool is a concise and simple tool to help you stay focused.

Download Design Brief >

Key Assumptions

We minimize risk and expenditure, by rolling out only those concepts that pass a set of four initial thought tests. This tool helps you define the key assumptions for your concept, which will become a reference point for the rest of the project.

Download Key Assumptions >

Persona Map

Personas are archetypes—fictional characters created to typify different types of stakeholders—representing a synthesis of characteristics of different people we have interviewed.  The Persona Map tool brings our stakeholders to life.

Download Persona Map >

Scoping Template

Framing a project and refining its scope are crucial for effectively pursuing new opportunities. Even when your project definition seems clear, this tool will expand your thinking to make sure you're aiming at the right opportunity.

Download Scoping Template >

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