Peer Insight Ventures is a one-stop-shop for corporate growth initiatives.

We built a new-to-the-world athletic apparel company and enabled its acceleration.

How we did it

Engaging outside legal counsel through our firm to set up operational policies to launch the service, protecting the mother brand from premature association with the venture

Setting up an e-commerce platform for revenue collection and stand-alone bank account to handle revenues separately from the parental P&L

Designing and testing unique go-to-market elements including revenue model mechanics and customer acquisition strategies

Determining and setting qualitative and quantitative KPIs, and designing the data capture mechanisms to capture them, including bespoke customer feedback channels


We built a device-enabled infection prevention service that needed third-party fulfillment capabilities and IP safeguarding.

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How we did it.

Set ideal partner criteria for this specific project, and performed screening and diligence of potential candidates 

Developed a long-list and short-list of third parties, keeping client identity hidden

Pre-agreement IP round-up and provisional patent filing

Made a disclosure plan for IP protection 

Advised on deal terms; negotiating directly with the third party in many cases

Formed the first agreement with the partner (acting as intermediary for the client)


We partnered with a direct-to-consumer apparel venture that lacked explicit evidence confirming the consumer need and desire for the service.

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How we did it.

Rapidly forming and executing a customer engagement and feedback strategy (in less than 2 weeks)

Identifying quantitative benchmarks and metrics, and qualitative customer insight gathering tactics

Synthesizing data into evidence that proved the customer needs, validated key business viability assumptions, and exposed additional opportunities to serve

Leveraging learnings from other ventures within the company’s portfolio

Creating a compelling story for the corporate committee – a pitch deck, in effect – that made the case for internal venture investment


With these services, we are able to be true entrepreneurship partners to corporate startups. Our apparel client said:

We’ve used every firm there is – no one supports the entrepreneurship and execution like you guys do.

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