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Alex is a community-driven graphic designer from Richmond, Virginia who finds joy in experimenting and finding solutions to wicked problems. After teaching himself photoshop at a young age, he studied design at George Mason University and his learning hasn’t slowed down since. While still a student, Alex gained a great deal of experience from doing editorial and web design at Project Design Company for clients like National Geographic and AARP, and helping run social media campaigns at Meredith Xcelerated Marketing (MXM) for clients like AMC and Fandango. His experience and skills as a graphic designer allow him to rapidly build prototypes and communicate concepts in the field so researchers can learn what to iterate on.


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What inspires me

Anyone who has a deep passion and has made it their goal to pursue that very passion. Also, this more of me being jealous, but mountain men and women (I don’t discriminate) also fuel every fiber of my being.


A favorite moment at Peer Insight

Doing design work on a small, 15” laptop screen is no easy feat. During my first month as a full-time employee, I was finally able to get my hands on a monitor to pair with my laptop. I was ecstatic because if this monitor meant anything, it meant that my productivity basically doubled and ultimately, allowed me to provide Peer Insight with that much more support.


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