Allison Abbott /
Design Strategist

With a foundation in design, psychology, and acting, Allison has always been interested in understanding people - why they tick the way they do, what patterns bubble up in behavior and attitudes, and how we can be ever-better at meeting society's needs. She loves working at the intersection of science and art, honoring the messiness of the human experience and using it as inspiration for meaningful, impactful design. She has a knack for building empathy with customers and an eye for uncovering patterns from qualitative research.

Before working at Peer Insight, Allison helped launch a design research practice at a Fortune 200 company's digital innovation lab. Allison's experience ranges from social psychology research in an academic setting, to engineering social impact, to fintech innovation. Allison holds B.A.s from the University of Virginia in Psychology and English.


What inspires me

Unexpected solutions, unfolding progress, and stories from people who have a lifetime's worth of perspective. Surrounding myself with people who set and achieve goals, people who take risks and take action, and people who live at the intersection of intelligence, compassion, and playfulness.


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