Anthony DeThomas /
Design Strategist

Have you ever bumped your shin on a coffee table? That's what Anthony feels like when organizations miss the opportunity to take a human-centered approach to product and service design. Before joining Peer Insight, Anthony founded a healthy desserts startup through a competitive incubator program at Georgetown University. As an entrepreneur, he honed his scientific yet scrappy approach to customer and experience development. Prior to pivoting to human-centered design, Anthony tackled challenges like crafting the marketing strategy for a biotechnology startup, and congressional speech writing and policy management. Anthony holds an MS in Biotechnology from Georgetown University and a BA in English from Ohio State University.


What I love


What inspires me

The power of stories, great communication, scientific discoveries, personalized handshakes, meeting and being around great people, minimalist design, family and friends, and traveling to new places.


A favorite moment at Peer Insight

When I was meeting everyone for the first time I was greeted with a round of hugs instead of handshakes. This special group of people really made me feel appreciated and at home.


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