A Connected Service for Incentivizing Good Driver Behavior

An insurance company wanted to leverage new technology to better serve their trucking fleet clients, as well as the people behind the wheel.


the growth challenge

In 2010, real-time sensors that could monitor driving behavior started becoming more affordable. As the nation’s largest insurer of commercial trucking fleets, The Hartford wondered how this trend would affect their business. Could they offer a sensor-based solution, with a variable premium based on driver behavior? If so, would it cannibalize their fixed-premium business? They invited Peer Insight to explore this opportunity with them.


Understanding the person behind the wheel.

We conducted ethnographic research with three commercial fleets to identify unmet user needs. We discovered that drivers and their managers had important needs that were not being met by existing offerings. Truck drivers who think of themselves as ‘safe’ value being seen by their company for their good habits. Dispatchers and Fleet Managers needed a positive way to engage with their best drivers, rather than merely ‘fixing problems.’

Based on these insights, we reframed the role of the fleet offering from, 'Insure my drivers and trucks from work-related accidents' to, 'Help my drivers develop safer habits so we can take better care of each other and our customers.'


hitting the road to validate the solution

Through a live in-market test, we validated that driver behavior improves when they receive real-time feedback and trip scores. These safer driving habits correlated to both accident avoidance and operational efficiency for the fleets.


Fleet Ahead

Peer Insight found the most viable revenue models involved gain-sharing with the customer –The Hartford rewards the fleet for operational efficiencies and safe driving habits. Using a visual ‘savings estimator’, customers validated that the biggest savings were operational ones beyond claims: fuel savings, reduced downtime, and lower driver recruiting costs. For the first time, The Hartford could make a clear link to improving operating efficiencies for its customers by using real-time data.

The resulting Fleet Ahead platform was launched in 2011. It became The Hartford’s first variable-premium offering and captured dozens of new accounts in its first year.