How best to move from manufacturing products to  selling services?


Our paint manufacturing client saw an opportunity to fuel sales growth and diversify revenues by creating a stronger connection to consumers and serving them throughout the painting and redecorating journey. However, the internal brand group had become highly specialized, different teams were charged with executing the brand guidelines against in-store, web, or customer service independently from one another. Bringing this diverse team together and engaging them throughout the field research and innovation process created a new internal capability for coordinating cross-channel experiences.


In order to create a strategy for bringing the brand to life in variety of services, Peer Insight first had to determine what type of services and experiences were most desired by customers in different channels e.g. mobile, web, in-store, and in-home. Also, how should those experiences differ from each other or reinforce one another? How should they interconnect? Experience planning, customer journey mapping, and ethnographic research were used to explore consumer’s expectations for what type of services they wanted to see in the future. This investigation provided valuable insights and revealed a number of opportunities for innovative new services.


Through Peer Insight’s process, our client developed a strategic approach to developing new services across channels.

  • Developed a team who could coordinate the brand experience across channels.
  • Created a phased roll-out approach of new services to market.
  • Mapped new service concepts against the 5-year innovation pipeline.
  • Established a consumer-insights-driven brand strategy framework to guide future programs.