Dave Cooley / Senior Communication

Dave is passionate about intersecting design, storytelling, and problem-solving through as many creative outlets as possible. A pencil and notebook always are his launch point, but over the years Dave has explored creating through a range of avenues that help tell a story and solve problems. Dave’s experience comes from range of jobs consisting of: marketing coordinator at a civil engineering firm, multimedia producer/stage and lighting designer at a church in Ashburn, VA, and most recently before joining Peer Insight, the Digital Production Manager for Case Foundation/Revolution LLC. At Case, Dave helped oversee creative strategy, UX’d digital properties, and co-led the analytics strategy. Dave holds a BFA in Graphic Design, with two minors in multimedia, and business.


What I love


What inspires me

People who walk confidently in their life calling, but remain humble and teachable. Also, people who can grow facial hair over night. 


A favorite moment at Peer Insight

My favorite moments are any time someone says something so outlandish or ridiculous, it merits being quoted on our white board wall. For example “I went out for toothpaste and came back with three board games.” – Yvonne. 


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