How can organizations operating in a traditionally inflexible environment experiment with new services and business models?


Entrenched business practices in certain fields can slow down the innovation process and the creation of new services. In the operations-focused field of senior care, highly regulated services must be delivered despite decreasing support from Medicare and Medicaid while facing increasing expectations from customers and their families. Peer Insight worked with the senior care provider to develop an innovation capability and methodology that could flourish in the organization’s unique culture and the inflexible industry environment.


Peer Insight collaborated with a cross-functional team including front-line staff, upper level management, and the c-level executive team. Key stakeholders were interviewed to determine the critical success factors for an innovation capability within the organization. These client-specific innovation success factors were used as the basis for a primary and secondary benchmarking study of other organization’s innovation capabilities. In co-creation workshops with the stakeholders, both the critical success factors and the benchmarking became the inspiration for what we could build within the client’s own organization. With the diverse stakeholders participation, we jointly designed innovation capabilities customized for our client’s unique needs.


Peer Insight supported implementation of an organizational capability that enables our client to innovate effectively within a challenging environment.

  • Created a five-year innovation strategy supported with a staged plan of strategic focus areas, goals, and metrics of success.
  • Defined governance, funding protocols, process timelines, and links to other organizational bodies such as Quality and Operations.
  • Developed a three-year hiring plan for a diverse innovation staff.
  • Coached the fledgling innovation team through its first projects to keep momentum going as new staff came on-board.
  • Developed a communication platform to assist in employee engagement and project collaboration across the organization.
  • Created branding, story assets, and communication protocols for the innovation group to build engagement and support within the organization.
  • Supported first “open-innovation” and collaboration efforts with outside innovators and partner organizations.