1. Moleskine and a good pen
  2. Reading material: 1 book, 1 paper, 1 magazine, 2-3 articles
  3. Workshop “go kit”: post-its, sharpies, dots, tape
  4. Granola bars: airport food just doesn’t cut it
  5. My bag: a suitcase with four wheels
  1. Collaborators: I'm not enough to solve anything worthwhile by myself
  2. Post-it notes and sharpies": simultaneous input from a group
  3. Questions: i.e. What else is possible?
  4. Shared visual artifacts: i.e. posters
  5. iPhone camera: capturing what I didn't expect to see


  1. Toodledomy fav to-do list app
  2. Box: you can store everything there!
  3. Phone: so I always feel connected to my team
  4. Mac Notes: love having a virtual tool to store ideas
  5. Daily meeting-free hour: to digest, reflect, think well!


  1. Earbuds and my podcast app: new takes on the world give me fodder for creativity
  2. Google calendar: items on my to do list get an "appointment" 
  3. The dark: helps me focus and puts me in a state of "flow"
  4. Post-its and sharpies: I always have some on me
  5. A good night's sleep: I'm hopeless without it

  1. Whiteboard and color markers: I love the smell of dry-erase in the morning
  2.  A few news aggregators: NYT Now, Twitter, Google News
  3. Pocket and Evernoteto read later and save forever
  4. Spotify: ambient music to keep the energy up 
  5. Coffee: sweet nectar of life every morning
  1. Colored Markers: to help me keep my mind and my notes organized
  2. Moleskine Cahier Notebooks: just the right size to fit two post-its side-by-side
  3. UrbanEars Headphones: the new closed office door; helps me flare and focus
  4. Realtimeboarda life saver when collaborating with remote clients
  5. "Tell me more …": a powerful but simple phrase to help me build empathy
  1. Mental Recap: time to summarize, organize, and plan
  2. To-Dos Tracker: Post-its for short term and Mac Stickies App for long term
  3. Calendar: keeps my personal and professional life in order
  4. My Project Approach: User Desirability, Technical Feasibility, and Business Viability
  5. ListenOnRepeat: lets me listen to a single track all day
  1. iPhone: my lifeblood 
  2. Thule Laptop Backpack: never leave home without it!
  3. Daily walk: short break from the chaos of life
  4. BrandNew: my daily dose of brand gossip
  5. Coffee Shops: my happy, productive work environment