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We conducted a Listening Tour to understand how corporate innovation groups thrive, bumble, or fumble

Corporate Innovation Groups (CIGs) are charged with making new, high-risk possibilities a reality. They are often outfitted with shiny new lab spaces and some autonomy to explore new opportunities. Some groups have successfully innovated by taking measured risks their executives could tolerate; others, however, fail to remain relevant.

Peer Insight Ventures hit the road to talk with insiders who have lived through the ups and downs of setting up and running Corporate Innovation Groups (CIGs) that are tasked with exploring adjacent and breakthrough growth opportunities for their respective organizations. Building on our 14 years in the field, we investigate the success and failure modes of CIGs and identified ways teams can build a more resilient innovation capacity at their organization.


We hosted a webinar that highlights key parts of the playbook, including stories from the innovation leaders we interviewed

How our thinking evolved over the course of interviewing innovation leaders and creating the playbook...


Some Spotlight Reading on Corporate Innovation Groups: 


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