Building a Community of Entrepreneurs

 Photo by Krearchiv

Photo by Krearchiv

Around this time last year, Kat Calvin launched DC Young Entrepreneurs (DCYE). Her mission was to "create a networking and educational organization for the young entrepreneurs of DC." Mission accomplished.

In less than a year, DCYE has grown to nearly 500 members. I'm proud to be a part of it. This didn't happen by chance. They saw a gap and they filled it. This is DCYE's brand promise:

You're an Entrepreneur. We're Your Support Team.

100% true. Everyone from the board to the members lives the brand. This becomes clear when you attend your first DCYE event. Yes, people are there to make connections and hopefully nab a new client. But they're also there to support each other. You don't see many wallflowers. People jump right in and the energy is fantastic.

On Monday night, I was on the panel at their bi-monthly happy hour, DCYE and Drinks. The topic was right up my alley: Having a Life While Running your Business. If you've read any of my other posts, you know I'm a big fan of life management, more commonly referred to as work/life balance. Although I enjoyed sharing my experiences with everyone, I learned more from the conversations that followed.

Everyone needs a community that inspires and makes them feel welcome. I'm confident David would agree with me on that. What group is that for you?

– Daniel Lombardi (@danieldzn)