Can Urban Design Help Solve the Healthcare Crisis?

 Icons from The Noun Project

Icons from The Noun Project

Jeff Speck, a DC-based city planner and architectural designer, certainly thinks so. In my post on changing our habits around driving, I linked to an article on his book, Walkable City.  His TED talk on the same topic was published last week:

TED talks always make you feel "warm and fuzzy." You leave inspired and ready to save the world. Then you move on. I like that Jeff took a slightly different approach. I'm sure he has 101 design reasons on why living in a city is better for our health, but he chose to hit us with hard facts from economists and environmentalists. I left not only feeling inspired, but ready to act.

My only criticism: As someone who already lives in a walkable city and drives economically, I was left wanting more. Maybe I'm already doing my part? I highly doubt that. I might have to put Walkable City at the top of my reading list for more answers. Or maybe Jeff will further elaborate this week at TEDx MidAtlantic.

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