Sustainable Designs in 48 Hours? No problem, but how about some funding?

 Photo by  Images_of_Money

Photo by Images_of_Money

In a little over two weeks from now, I am looking forward to facilitating the 2nd annual Global Sustainability Jam at the University of Maryland. The Jam is an intense, 48-hour, collaborative challenge where students, faculty and community members work together to generate and prototype ideas around sustainability.

This is such an awesome event! I love having opportunities to work with my fellow Terps! It's great teaching them design thinking methods to inspire ideas and prototypes but what I wonder: what will they do with these ideas afterward?

As many Terps know, they can certainly leverage student funding programs like Pitch Dingman and Fearless Founders to keep their ideas going. In fact, UMD folks are lucky to have these resources at their disposal. But I would love to see more of these 48-hour-type challenges have follow-up funding built into the program! Either way, I can't wait for the weekend of November 22nd when I can meet up with my fellow Jammers to design new services, products and programs for global sustainability. 

Have you seen other challenges provide follow-up funding for winning ideas? Message me @davidlemus