Do You Flex Your Curiosity Muscle?

 Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt

Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt

Earlier this month, I attended Behance's 99U Conference in New York City. I originally thought about writing this post on the conference itself but instead decided to focus on one session: the Q&A with designer Michael Wolff. Toward the end of the discussion, he moved into a short monologue on one of the three muscles he needs to do his job: curiosity. 

Adults, more often than not, just accept things as they are ("That's how it's always been done."). We fail to ask questions ("Why is it done that way?"). When you ask questions, you nourish the imagination. Somewhere along the way, we've lost that inquisitiveness. On the flip side, children continually flex this muscle. Jess touched on this with her Action Learning post. Approaching a problem with the curiosity of child gets you to the solution quicker. In this way, innovators are like children. We couldn't do our job if we weren't asking questions, prototyping, and iterating.

I encourage you to work out your creative muscles daily. If you need some exercises to get started, Russell Davies' post on How to Be Interesting is a great place to start. For more from Michael Wolff, take the six minutes and check out the video below:

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