A Studio Culture: Innovation Haven?

 Photo by  Daniel Lombardi

Richard Branson says he's never experienced it. Marissa Mayer made waves by forcing it. Peer Insight practices it, too. A studio culture—collocating staff members—is a hot topic these days. Are employees more or less productive if working self-supervised in a locale of their choice? According to the opinion pieces, the answer is, it depends. In my opinion, it depends primarily on what job they're doing – whether the time cost of collaboration can strengthen the output enough to justify the expense.  

At Peer Insight, we believe so strongly in the value-add of collaboration that all of our staff have to be here in DC. The way-finding that is enabled by working in close proximity to our peers is invaluable to the design of new services, and to the delivery of the best possible solutions for our clients.  

What do you think? Should colleagues co-locate or not? What does it depend on?

- Clay Maxwell (@bizinovationist)