20 Designers. 30 Weeks. NYC.

 Photo by Sybil Liberty

Photo by Sybil Liberty

Incubators are popping up all across the country. The majority of the programs focus on tech, often ignoring the importance of having a designer there on day one. Google, The Cooper Union, and other top design schools are looking to change that. They've come together to run an experiment: creating design founders.  

30 Weeks: A Founders Program for Designers is turning the traditional design school on its head. Although not a replacement, this program benefits by adding the "real world" element often missing in design school curriculum. The prospect of creating more designers-turned-founders puts a big smile on my face. If there's one thing I've learned working with the team here at Peer Insight, it's the power of bringing together design and business. Here's a great video taking a closer look at the program:

As a designer, this is an exciting experiment and I'll be following it closely. Look out for a follow-up post from me after the programs ends.

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