Can We Change Habits Around Driving?

 Photo by Richard Eriksson

Photo by Richard Eriksson

Spring has shown up here in DC. Finally. The weather got me thinking about my trip to the Southern California coast over the holidays. It was no White Christmas but, what it lacked in seasons, it more than made up for in relaxation. I basked in the plentiful afternoon sun and reveled in the silence that can be hard to come by when you live in a city. I slept like baby. Then, I woke up. I was quickly reminded of something else that's plentiful there: cars.

Look, I love California. I grew up there and it will always be home. I have fond memories of getting my driver's license, purchasing my first car, and cruising down PCH. These were all liberating experiences. I felt all grown up and perfectly content with where I was. Then, life happened. I got rid of my car and moved to DC. And, I haven't looked back since!

My habits around getting around have shifted entirely. When I leave home, I no longer reach for the car keys. I choose how I will land at my destination. I walk, bikeshare, use public transportation (rail or bus), or carshare. Heck, it's not unrealistic for me to use every option at my disposal in the same day. It should come as no surprise that how we move is changing rapidly. The millennials, and even empty nesters, are flocking downtown to live a walkable, car-free life.

The necessity for disruption in the auto zone is clear. But, I'd venture out to say how we live needs a little shake up. It's time to take a step back. The current model isn't sustainable and car ownership is on its way out.

Innovation is about changing habits. How do we shift from our reliance on cars? Should we? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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