Design Thinking for Druids

 Photo by  JohnGoode

Photo by JohnGoode


Summer's gone, the leaves are a-changing, and memories of sunny days and lemonade haunt me still... I took a little holiday to Ireland with a friend this summer to unplug, relax, and perhaps do a jig here and there. Imagine my surprise when I did a bit of design thinking coaching with a Druid posing outside a historic fort! 

This was our conversation:

Druid: "Ladiessssss! What brings you to Ireland?" 

Druid and us: "[Banter, talk of Ireland, talk of the U.S., talk of his handmade Celtic jewelry.]"

Druid: "Can I ask you something? Would you buy the jewelry if it were smaller?"

Me: [Suddenly more engaged in the conversation and hesitating to say what I think.] "I think.... I think you're asking the wrong question my friend."

Druid: [Surprised, the shift in our conversation perceptible.] "What do you mean exactly?"

Me: "Well, I would talk to folks coming in and out of this historic fort as you are, but I would reframe the question - turn the lens on them. Ask, 'how was your experience just now?'"

Druid: "Interesting - so then I could ask, 'would you like handcrafted jewelry to remember it?'"

Me: "Not exactly. I would ask, 'how might you like to remember this visit?' Have them tell you a story so you can understand what it's like from their perspective. You'll probably learn more about what they need and may come up with a new idea and reinvent your business. At the end of the day, customers have to want what you offer. Finding ways to create and support a new business is easy once you've cracked that nut."

Druid: "Wow..." [nodding] "...can I take you ladies out for a drink? I want to know more! Imagine the possibilities!"

We never met him for a drink, but it did tickle me pink (or green) that perhaps one more druid out there had caught the design thinking bug... 

Where has design thinking popped up for you lately?