I’ve never been one to resist change. On the contrary, I usually seek it out. I learn more when I’m in unfamiliar terrain. It brings out the best in me.

Well, I’m in unfamiliar terrain now. Today my role at Peer Insight changes from CEO to Founder. I’m giving my loyalty to the New Guy, Clay Maxwell. (If you’ve met him, you already know I’m no fool.)

I haven’t had a boss since 1998, but I’ve got one now. Seventeen years. Am I ready for this? We’ll see. 

So why change? Our firm is ready, and our incoming CEO is ready, and that inspires me. 2015 was by any measure the best year in Peer Insight history. We had the most new clients ever, on top of a steady stream of repeat clients. We ran a record number of in-market experiments, had a string of successful commercial launches, and saw unprecedented revenues and profits. To deliver these results, we matched our highest employee retention mark, while hiring an unprecedented number of new (and amazing) colleagues. 

In the span of a single year, we more than doubled our capability. Now we’ve made an ambitious slate of commitments for 2016. And we’re building out new office space nearby to enable world-class collaboration. 

To unleash our potential, we need a CEO who can energize our marketplace and inspire our consultants in equal measure. A person with the leadership skills, bandwidth, and aptitude to influence a dozen initiatives without slowing them down. You know, someone who can juggle chainsaws and watermelons while connecting with the audience. That’s Clay to a T.

And we need a Founder who can provide a laser focus on client service, to make sure our growth translates into projects that are more successful, not less. That’s me. 

So, those are my Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes for 2016. In the months ahead, I’ll report back on my new Life With a Boss. Stay tuned, and have a great 2016!

Tim Ogilvie