We guide and support firms in the development of innovative service offerings.

Firms often lack two key ingredients needed to develop revenue-generating services.

  1. Services entrepreneurship know-how: Most product firms underestimate the degree to which their entire fulfillment system is optimized for products—and unsuited for services.
  2. Belief: There is a lack of belief that the firm can commercialize new services.

How we can support you

Peer Insight’s experience in more than a dozen industries has resulted in a robust set of methods that fundamentally de-risk the P2S exploration process. We achieve this through four steps:

  1. We create an achievable services entrepreneurship roadmap.
  2. We establish an optimal structural model to attract human capital, attract growth capital, and define an exit strategy.
  3. We design and execute affordable in-market experiments and pivot as necessary.
  4. We build BELIEF within your growth capital sources through rapid milestone achievement.

We have a series of field-tested and easy-to-use protocols.

  • Value Proposition: We will formalize the value proposition, so that changes and tweaks can be made without losing sight of what’s important to your firm.
  • Bring-Build-Buy Map: Forming concepts requires us to link the demand chain with a supply chain. To see new possibilities in the supply chain, it can be helpful to draw a map of the relevant capabilities, and which firms might provide them. This tool helps you see these possibilities.
  • Make-or-Break Assumptions: We minimize risk and expenditure by rolling out only those concepts that pass a set of four initial thought tests. This tool helps you define the key assumptions for your concept, which will become a reference point for the rest of the project.
  • Services Revenue Model Archetypes: We have prototyped and launched scores of services revenue models. As a result, we have a library of revenue model archetypes and associated case studies.
  • Reverse Income Statement: Looks at the investment worthiness of a business concept by setting the Year 4 income statement, and work backwards.
  • Control Points: A visual tool for identifying and evaluating alternative control points through P2S business design.

At the end of a P2S project your team will:

  • Learn and apply Peer Insight’s methodology through action learning based workshops
  • Develop and test at least two high-potential service concepts in the field

  • Identify one to two distinct revenue model options

  • Develop a business case for each of the concepts

  • Determine funding model strategies

  • Engage with potential partners

  • Design a plan for the alpha test


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