We've noticed a trend...

From our 14 years collaborating with Corporate Innovation Groups, we've seen what works and what doesn’t - and we see many of these long-standing challenges persist today in the face of a growing innovation imperative


As we partner with Corporate Innovation Groups to identify new opportunities, form concepts, and test them via in-market experiments, we get a first-hand look into their inner workings and evolution. Although every CIG operates differently, they all have immense complexity to contend with. As the innovation landscape evolves, we're continually interested in understanding how innovation teams can succeed despite the threats they face from all sides - external competitors, disruptive startups and internal business units.

Although a number of Corporate Innovation Groups aren't living up to expectations or have closed their doors, we believe there's still a case to be made for the role of these groups in business innovation. We believe there are common failure modes and by avoiding them, teams can form a more resilliant innovation system.


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