Peer Insight is an innovation consultancy. We empower people to be fearless explorers of new services, new experiences, and new business models through design thinking and the principles of entrepreneurship.

How Might We Encourage Innovation Through Our Conversations?

How often do you hear, “Let me play devil’s advocate?" Weekly? If you think there’s good money in the devil’s advocacy, you wouldn’t be wrong. CEO, Tim Ogilvie, urges us to play "angel's advocate" to support and protect our innovation concepts.

Iteration: The Key to Innovation

In new product development, it’s tempting to think we’ve solved the problem with our first try — our first idea or concept. Peer Insight’s VP & COO, Natalie Foley, muses on the value and importance of iteration and why taking small steps is the best route to generating new ideas.


Peer Insight is Hiring!

Are you excited about design thinking and innovation? We are looking for an enthusiastic Communication Designer and Senior Innovation Consultant to join our team. If you are a gifted design thinker from any field, we would love to hear from you! Apply now >

Establishing Innovation Capabilities through Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship

Innovation is difficult and especially so in highly-regulated industries such health care and long-term care. In 2012, Peer Insight partnered with the Good Samaritan Society to build an internal innovation capacity, called Vivo, designed to disrupt the traditional long-term care delivery model. Read more about the project >

What Can Intrapreneurs Borrow From Entrepreneurs?

All organizations strive to be more entrepreneurial, and rely on intrapreneurs to make it happen. Director, Clay Maxwell, shares best practices of corporate innovation to help your organization adopt entrepreneurial mindsets. 

Hone Your Creativity with a Design Thinking Whetstone

Design thinking is hard work, and skill to be honed over time. Design strategist, Mike Deem, tells us why we need to think of design thinking “tools” as a whetstone for your creativity not a cure-all for the innovation doldrums.