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Design Thinking 101: Design Criteria

You’ve done all the research for your project, and now comes the fun part: developing solutions. Where do you start? In this 4-minute video, Director, Clay Maxwell, gives you a simple framework for creating Design Criteria. Watch now >

Design Thinking 101: Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping, or experience mapping, is a simple but useful tool to have in your design thinking toolkit. A journey map can be created as a hypothesis before you go into the field for customer research, or after research as a synthesis of your findings. Watch this 4-minute video to learn how you can create a customer journey map in three simple steps.


Peer Insight is Hiring!

Are you excited about design thinking and innovation? We are looking for an enthusiastic Communication Designer and Senior Innovation Consultant to join our team. Apply now. We would love to hear from you! 

Newsletter: Innovation Tools You Will Be Grateful For

We all could use a little help when it comes to our innovation work. In this edition of Happenings, the Peer Insight newsletter, the team shares some tools to help bring a little innovation to your organization.

Three Tools to “Design Think” Your Business Model

Some people believe design thinking is used to understand the user’s unmet needs, but guess what? You can apply it to business models! VP & COO, Natalie Foley, shares 3 tools to “design think” your business model.

Use Design Thinking to Explore Your Uncommon Sense

To those of use that use design thinking on a regular basis, it can seem like common sense. Why wouldn’t you research your customer’s needs before investing in solutions? Why wouldn’t you save money by prototyping concepts before sinking dollars into an unproven offering? Why wouldn’t you collaborate with key stakeholders across your organization? Design Strategist, Mike Deem, shares why this common sense approach can help challenge the uncommon in your industry.