Peer Insight is an innovation consultancy. We empower people to be fearless explorers of new services, new experiences, and new business models through design thinking and the principles of entrepreneurship.

Business Design: A Different Approach to Innovation

Can we consider both design and business needs simultaneously, and parallel prototype a new customer experience and a new business model? Director, Clay Maxwell posits how to use some of the designer’s toolkit to consider business problems. 

Peer Insight CEO Tim Ogilvie Gives Keynote at DesignDC

The DesignDC Conference brings together Washington-area designers, architects, planners, and building industry professionals for a dialogue on technology and innovation. We're excited Tim joined the discussion with a keynote addressing design and the current innovation environment.

What Workshops Interest You? Tell Us How You Want to Grow!

We're launching a series of open-enrollment training workshops on service innovation, design thinking, and business model innovation. But we need your help! Please take this 2-minute survey and let us know how and what you’d like to learn in our DTU workshops.

Establishing Innovation Capabilities through Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship

Innovation is difficult and especially so in highly-regulated industries such health care and long-term care. In 2012, Peer Insight partnered with the Good Samaritan Society to build an internal innovation capacity, called Vivo, designed to disrupt the traditional long-term care delivery model. Read more about the project >

What Design and Innovation Apps Are You Using?

In today’s high-tech, low-touch world, there is an array of apps and tools to help your boost your creativity and productivity. Design Strategist, Jimmy Tran, shares some of his favorites for quick and affordable prototyping. What apps/tools are you using to brainstorm and prototype?

What is Your Customer's "Rock"?

Design research can be about hearing your customer’s needs as they explain them to you, but it’s much more interesting when it’s about stumbling upon needs your customer doesn’t even know they have. Design Strategist, Bree Groff, helps you discover the “rock” in your customer’s path?