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Peer Insight CEO Tim Ogilvie to Give Keynote at DesignDC, Oct 1 – 3

The DesignDC Conference brings together Washington-area designers, architects, planners, and building industry professionals for a dialogue on technology and innovation. We're excited for Tim to join the discussion with a keynote addressing design and the current innovation environment.

Use Assumption Testing to Increase Your Odds of Success

Innovation is risky business. Growth teams charged with developing a new product or service solution can often be overwhelmed with the choices and decisions needed to push a project forward. In this video, VP/COO Natalie Foley explains how the Key Assumption tool helps teams identify the riskiest parts of a new solution.

Peer Insight Helps Reimagine the Georgetown MBA Admissions Process

We’re thrilled to have collaborated with some of the best and brightest minds in higher education. Most recently, we partnered locally with the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University to better understand their MBA admissions process.

Innovating Insurance: Improving the Fleet Driver Experience

We're proud to have partnered with The Hartford to envision  Fleet Ahead, a service to improve driver safety and satisfaction, and create cost savings for fleet owners and managers. Explore our other work with The Hartford >

Create a Support Network for Your Innovation Project

Change management can be hairy. It's riddled with emotions, complexities, constraints, and prejudices. Sometimes it's all you can do not to bury your head in your hands. Design Strategist, Bree Groff, shares a straightforward tool to help you navigate the uncertainty in innovation.

Leveraging Empathy in the Restaurant Industry

Perfecting the technical delivery of a product is not, alone, sufficient to be successful. Design Strategist, Jimmy Tran, discusses the importance empathy and understanding how to respond when guests are satisfied or dissatisfied.