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10 Risk Factors for Corporate New Ventures

Corporate ventures face extreme pressure to succeed early and often. From the outset, it’s important to confirm that there is a real pain the venture is solving for and that it makes sense for your organization to solve it. But what comes next? Director, Clay Maxwell, explores the ten risk factors you should consider when bringing a corporate venture to market. 

6 Steps to Knowing How to Know With Design Thinking

In November 2014, VP & COO, Natalie Foley, presented at TEDx Charlottesville on “6 Steps to Knowing How to Know.” Check out the video to learn how the Good Samaritan Society applied the steps to their challenge. Watch now >

The Highs & Lows of an Applicant's Journey to Business School

Last year, Peer Insight collaborated with the admissions team at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business to take an introspective look at the MBA applicant process. After conducting interviews, synthesizing themes, and creating a journey map, Georgetown is now implementing ideas to provide an enhanced experience for their candidates. Learn more >

Empowering Patients Through Behavior Change

The healthcare division of a large CPG firm wanted to explore how to develop and deliver a standalone service concept for patients and caregivers. The service tackled costly hospital readmissions through simple patient-centered interventions.  Read more >

Peer Insight Hosts 8th Graders for Design Thinking Workshop

One of the highlights of our 2014 was a visit from the 8th graders at Merry Hill School in Sacramento, California. The class dropped by for a crash course on design thinking, and boy did they have a lot of energy! Check out the fun activities Design Strategists, Michael Deem and Jimmy Tran, planned for the half-day workshop centered around the students' school cafeteria experience!

Selling Design Thinking to Your Boss

If you’re like us, you probably love design thinking. At Peer Insight, we’re often asked how to best introduce it to a company. Our CEO, Tim Ogilvie, shares six tips on how to sell design thinking to your boss. Hint: Don’t mention design thinking!