Peer Insight is an innovation consultancy. We empower people to be fearless explorers of new services, new experiences, and new business models through design thinking and the principles of entrepreneurship.

Accelerate Services Entrepreneurship through Strategic Partnering

In surveying the corporate innovation landscape, we see too many projects get too far down the road before failing, taking too many valuable resources with them. Our clients ask, "How can we increase the odds of success at such an early stage of the game?" Our answer, "Stake it!" and engage third parties to complete the experience. It's resource efficient and helps your firm place more small bets and learn at a fast pace. Learn more

Advanced Discovery Tools

Peer Insight co-created a five-week online course with Darden's School of Business that offers real-life examples to inspire your thinking and application of design principles. Are you ready to become a design practitioner within your organization? Take a look at the course overview to learn more.

My Journey Map through MBA Recruiting by Brandon Chinn

Considering a non-traditional MBA recruiting path? We’ll you’re in for a roller coaster ride in your second year, but it may be worth it. I went through it, so I thought I’d share my story and the few pearls of wisdom I can offer.
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10 Risk Factors for Corporate New Ventures

Corporate ventures face extreme pressure to succeed early and often. From the outset, it’s important to confirm that there is a real pain the venture is solving for and that it makes sense for your organization to solve it. But what comes next? Director, Clay Maxwell, explores the ten risk factors you should consider when bringing a corporate venture to market. 


Peer Insight is Hiring!

Are you excited about design thinking and innovation? We are looking for an enthusiastic Senior Innovation Consultant and Communication Designer to join our team. Apply now. We would love to hear from you!

Malfunctions Class: Preparing for Challenges In Innovation by Tim Ogilvie

When I was 19, I volunteered for Army Airborne School. For two weeks the infamous Black Hats – tough-as-leather Sergeants who prepare soldiers to jump from planes – tested our mettle through ground-based training. Slowly, the ranks thinned to those who were fit enough and focused enough to jump successfully.
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