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Design Thinking for Sustainability 

Peer Insight VP/COO, Natalie Foley, reviews the principles and best practices of customer experience mapping on this webinar, hosted in collaboration with GreenLeaders DC, a local eLearning services company working in the nexus of education, innovation, and sustainability.

'Be Bold,' 'Sell Your Solution,' and Other Management Clichés You Should Ignore

CEO Tim Ogilvie, and his co-author Jeanne Liedtka, address six myths of business management that you should avoid to become a creative leader.

Innovating Insurance: Improving the Fleet Driver Experience

We're proud to have partnered with The Hartford to envision  Fleet Ahead, a service to improve driver safety and satisfaction, and create cost savings for fleet owners and managers. Explore our other work with The Hartford >

Five Common Questions Leaders Should Never Ask

Earlier this year, CEO Tim Ogilvie contributed to Warren Berger's book A More Beautiful Question. Subsequently, he has been featured in a series of Harvard Business Review blog posts, including this post on the questions leaders shouldn't ask.


Inspiring Creativity When You Don't Have Time to Wait for It

Many of us have our own processes for eliciting the Eureka moment: going for a walk, working in a different space, or sleeping on it. Bree Groff shares the work of Mark Beeman, who suggests how to evoke those elusive "a-has!"

Making Innovative Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty

How do we make appropriately creative, yet informed decisions in the face of uncertainties? Peer Insight Director, Jessica Dugan, presents a few principles to help boost your courage and ease your mind as you dive into a new unknown.