Watch: Design Thinking Sprint Webinar

Whether you’re designing a breakthrough customer experience or innovating your business model, a design thinking sprint could be the place to start. Over the years, Peer Insight has perfected an approach that is a mash-up of classic design thinking tenants with startup sprint principles, allowing our clients to move from hoping to knowing in six weeks or less.

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Dave Cooley
Moving From Say to Do

Sometimes our clients are used to making decisions on large quantitative studies and wonder how we can possibly gain the confidence we need to make decisions in the early stages of a new venture without one. Instead of focusing on increasing survey numbers to the point of being statistically significant, we focus on moving our research from measuring what people say to measuring what they actually do.

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To Sprint, or Not to Sprint

Thinking about a sprint? Everybody’s doing it. But if your goal is to develop a new service offering, a breakthrough customer experience, or an innovative business model – and if you work in a large enterprise – is a sprint realistic? You bet it is. But before you step in the blocks and anticipate the starter’s gun, take a look at our pre-sprint checklist.

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Tim Ogilvie
A Roadmap for Adopting Design-Driven Innovation

Is your organization grappling with a messy challenge and reluctant to talk to real customers about how to solve it? Think design thinking can help? Here’s a rough guide to follow to convince your stakeholders to adopt a design-driven approach.

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Engineering vs. Design Thinking

Peer Insight has been teaching an innovation curriculum to Georgetown and ASU’s Academy for Innovative Higher Education Leadership and at our last class a professor from Stanford’s Engineering Department asked a great question, “How does the Design Thinking approach compare to that of Engineering?” 

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