Empowering Seniors in their Healthcare Decision-Making Process

The Challenge

Everyday, 10,000 people become elligble for Medicare, but making choices and enrolling in the program is stressful and confusing.

Medicare decisions are important, and making the wrong one can leave you without sufficient coverage, incurring penalties, and in the wrong plan for your preferences and lifestyle. AARP knew their consumers were suffering through the current Medicare enrollment experience, but they weren’t sure how to break through the noise and create a best-in-class experience that would stick.

Project Overview



Project Type

Corporate Innovation



Project Attributes

Experience Design
Digital Product/Service

Key Milestones

  • Validated prototypes
  • Early adopter profiles
  • Alph and Beta test with strong behavioral data
  • First revenues
  • Go-to-market strategy

Scaling commercial product

Extremely high satisfaction metrics from users

New revenue potential and monetization options

New partnership opportunities to fulfill last mile support

The Impact

AARP created a best-in class, neutral education tool and new revenue stream potential.

By starting with needs-fining research and quickly shifting to in-market experimentation, AARP was bale to design and launch a one-of-a-kind educational experience, where members are able to reduce the Medicare noise and focus on what was personally relevant to their circumstance.

“Everything you all say and do just makes sense. We’ve gotten further, faster than ever before, and you’ve still been able to communicate in just the right way to bring our stakeholders along.”

Director of Programs
How we did it