Alexis Begnoche

Senior Strategist



Alexis is a San Francisco-based designer and researcher, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a desire to do good. Her drive keeps her constantly moving, chasing down answers to questions like: How might we make healthcare more equitable? How might we design for circularity? And, how might we remove barriers from electric vehicle adoption?

With her background in design, brand strategy, and research, she has been able to tackle juicy problems like these for clients like Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Boeing, P&G and Ford. Her best (and favorite) work has gone on to receive recognition from organizations like the Design Management Institute and the Industrial Design Society of America. Before Peer Insight, Alexis began her journey as a Design Research Fellow at The Live Well Collaborative, where she uncovered her affinity for research. She then moved into a Design Research role at D-Ford, Ford’s human-centered innovation lab, where she focused on pushing the boundaries of connected and electric vehicle experiences.

Alexis holds a B.S. in Industrial Design with a minor in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati. When she’s not working, you can find her moonlighting as a children’s golf coach, marine mammal rescue volunteer, or humming along to a catchy tune.

Clients I've Been Privileged to Serve

What Inspires Me

A good question, kindness, making positive change, circular and sustainable material design, travel, observing the world around me, our built environment, reflecting back on how far you’ve come (either in a project or in life).

A Favorite Moment at Peer Insight

My favorite moment at Peer Insight was my first lunch with the whole team! As cheesy as it sounds, I immediately felt at home. Everyone was so warm, welcoming and really made me feel like a valued new member of the team. Plus, the friendly game of Business Walrus, let me know that I was in good company.

What I Love

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