Anthony DeThomas




Have you ever bumped your shin on a coffee table? That’s what Anthony feels like when organizations miss the opportunity to take a human-centered approach to product and service design. Before joining Peer Insight, Anthony founded a healthy desserts startup through a competitive incubator program at Georgetown University. As an entrepreneur, he honed his scientific yet scrappy approach to customer and experience development. Prior to pivoting to human-centered design, Anthony tackled challenges like crafting the marketing strategy for a biotechnology startup, and congressional speech writing and policy management. Anthony holds an MS in Biotechnology from Georgetown University and a BA in English from Ohio State University.

Clients I've Been Privileged to Serve

What Inspires Me

The power of stories, great communication, scientific discoveries, personalized handshakes, meeting and being around great people, minimalist design, family and friends, and traveling to new places.

A Favorite Moment at Peer Insight

My favorite memories at PI have to be the big and little ways I’ve experienced our gratitude practice being applied. From the firm taking time to celebrate my graduation from grad school with some of my favorite things (cookies and new books from my reading list) to surprising our director, Josh, with an afternoon party to celebrate his hard work and sacrifices, PI is unparalleled (in my experience) at knowing what it takes to produce remarkable work and recognizing/celebrating the people that do it.

What I Love

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