Claire Manwaring




Claire excels at transforming empathy into action. With her expertise in user experience research, Claire has helped numerous organizations create meaningful and impactful experiences. Prior to joining Peer Insight, Claire worked with Google’s Pixel team to enhance the Android onboarding experience. She also led user research at Village Capital, where she played a key role in developing a platform that supports seed-stage entrepreneurs and investors.

Claire holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, with minors in Design Thinking and Information Technology, from Brigham Young University. Her interdisciplinary background allows her to approach challenges from a unique perspective and deliver creative solutions that meet both user needs and business objectives. At Peer Insight, Claire brings her expertise and passion for human-centered product development to both help our clients achieve their goals and to create meaningful impact.

Clients I've Been Privileged to Serve

What Inspires Me

People who put their ideas out in the wild and create amazing work in scrappy, experimental ways. Lately some of these people have been a scientist making breakthroughs in DNA research through creative partnerships, an artist building a creative community in a ghost town, and a couple who used their wedding reception to launch my favorite sourdough bread company.

A Favorite Moment at Peer Insight

After working at Peer Insight for a month, I had the opportunity to take part in a product launch for an innovative healthtech venture. During the launch, I was stationed with the team at a table that felt like a command center as we coordinated efforts to get the app, analytics, customer service, and communications up and running for our first group of beta users. Witnessing firsthand the process of transforming an idea into a market-ready product and observing the positive impact it had on people’s lives, even in its beta version, was an unforgettable highlight.

What I Love

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