Clay Maxwell

Managing Partner



An expert in corporate innovation and entrepreneurship, Clay has spearheaded complex new growth initiatives, designed innovation systems and structures, and advised corporate leaders and entrepreneurs on all aspects of disruption strategy. From enterprise SaaS to fintech and digital health, Clay has led a multitude of product, service and experience design projects. In so doing, he has worked with and built businesses for the likes of Intel, Nike, Fidelity, Kimberly-Clark, DTE Energy, Capital Group, Baker McKenzie, Goodyear, AARP and the NIH. He founded PX Venture Studio and serves as Managing Partner of Peer Insight + PX.

Clay is also an active investor, advisor and board member to a number of startups and holds an undergraduate degree from Duke University.

Clients I've Been Privileged to Serve

What Inspires Me

I am always inspired when innovators can see success in every type of learning, even if it’s the type that stops you in your tracks. (No fast failure needed, every insight is a success!) I will never stop enjoying when our amazing partners embrace the discomfort of the unknown and come along for the ride, bringing their legacy businesses along with them.

A Favorite Moment at Peer Insight

If for no other reason (and there are lots of other reasons), you should do ethnographic research to build up a story cache. It was a residential home energy project, so it won’t be hard to imagine how running an aquarium setup that probably shames most fish stores in the world resulted in a high electric bill. I know a guy if you need any African fresh water puffer fish.

What I Love

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