Hannah Caprez




Hannah comes from a hybrid background in Industrial Design and marketing, that has fueled her passion for launching products with purpose that make the world a better place. A natural collaborator, Hannah has a passion for people, questioning and creating together. She thrives in scrappy, “on the ground” problem solving environments and strives to translate insights from fundamental needs into market-relevant strategies and executable design.

Prior to her start at Peer Insight, Hannah worked with entrepreneurial ventures, universities and big-co’s to use strategic insights and Lean Innovation methods to help clients break down resistance to existing barriers. From designing products and processes that can take neuroscience research to both everyday people and the battlefield to reimagining the life and experiences of diabetics through forecasting, Hannah has created and collaborated with neuroscientists, top military generals, college athletes, truck drivers, physicians, executives and everything in between. Hannah lives in Columbus, Ohio and she holds a B.S. in Industrial Design with a minor in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati.

Clients I've Been Privileged to Serve

What Inspires Me

I’ve has always been immensely curious about this innate messiness of being human. I operate under the assumption that the things that make you uncomfortable or scared, often create the brightest moments of clarity & inspiration for designing a world that’s better than I found it.

A Favorite Moment at Peer Insight

When conducting research for a fall prevention venture, my colleagues and I conducted in-home interviews with a senior patient population. Engaging in the process of discovery, observation, and co-creation of product development with our user base provided me with profound fulfillment and the impetus to create a life-saving product. I will always cherish those participants and what we accomplished together.

What I Love

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