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Olivia loves the process of building new things and brings an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship to her work at Peer Insight. Before Peer Insight, she conceptualized and launched a consumer subscription company from the ground up, executing everything from product development & user testing to website building, marketing, procurement, and customer service.

She’s an alum of Venture for America, a two-year fellowship designed to mobilize the next generation of entrepreneurs. During her two years in Baltimore, she worked for Plank Industries, the private investment company of Under Armour’s CEO, supporting their portfolio companies and occasionally writing speeches for company executives. Olivia holds a B.A. in Economics and Entrepreneurship from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

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What Inspires Me

Bookstores, art museums, endorphins, exploring interesting neighborhoods & the outdoors, volunteering in the community, groups of old & new friends, a strong cup of coffee, farmers markets.

A Favorite Moment at Peer Insight

At Peer Insight there have been so many big and milestone moments so far – being asked to attend a conference in Dublin a week before it started, receiving the job offer via a series of adorable post-it notes on Zoom, and showering our teammates with gratitude for their work anniversaries and birthdays. But I think my favorite moments have been the small acts of joy we share together, everyday. Things like celebrating incremental victories in silly ways, receiving coffee at your desk from a generous teammate, and never forgetting our sense of humor make a typical day in the office vibrant, fun, and one-of-a-kind in the best way.

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